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History of Europe

Animation of the map of Europe 3000 BC 2013 AC

Politics makes the economy

Political events do not interest themselves. But as a source for business can not be interested. Below we provide, as a purely political event (Events in the Ukraine and in Crimea) may be the source and the main material to create an artistic masterpiece very much in demand on the network - this month it was viewed more than 7 million times. And as you know,the number of views a video clip is an objective evaluation of its real nominal stomost. About how the popularity of video to create profits read in our newspaper.

Editor's Note

Alex Eist, chif -editor C-Europe

Alexander Eist

Dear readers! . First of all, thank you for what you are here))) We, the newspaper European Center for a long time waiting for this day - the day of the first issue of our newspaper, after a long pause. Now it will be our second birthday on May 14. Today we celebrate 18 years. Age, as you know, hard)). Let difficult, but we find it as the happiest :-)

Economic formations come and go, but life goes on independently of them. Just develop the industry, new technology, people on the planet have become closer thanks to IT. Our strategic concept is conceived as infinitely growing network of editors around the world united by a common goal, which I formulate as follows:

We have maintained our traditional forms of newspapers and expanded the range of gaezty new modern technologies. We got your Internet radio - CE Radio , your network of settlements with the use of internal cryptocurrency , Developed its own eshopy , Four different national sections (Russian, Chinese, Czech and English), fractals

and many many other new entries.